P 5.1 Phytosanitary Licence

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Summary Phytosanitary License

To obtain a phytosanitary license to import plants or products of plant origin, the importer must fill in the relevant form [F 5.1] and submit it to the department of plant health (sanidade vegetal) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security. Submission by email can be sent to dnsa.minag@gmail.com and dep.sanidade.masa@gmail.com. Submission can also be made at provincial level, also by email, directly to the respective technical staff. Attached should be the pro forma invoice, and a copy of the license to operate as a Foreign Trade Operator [P1]. Some products are already authorized (subject to notifications of localized outbreaks of disease etc.) and therefore are more rapid in receiving the license. For a list of authorized products, see Annex 1 of Decree 5/2009 [L 4]. If products are not on the approved list, officials will assess the risk of import of the product on a case by case basis.


The following form/s are used in this procedure

Title Description Category Agency
Phytosanitary License Form to apply for a phytosanitary license. Import Ministry of Agriculture and Food Safety - Department of Plant Health