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Summary Customs Clearance

Customs clearance refers to the document verification and physical inspection of goods by customs agents on arrival. Customs processes vary depending on the product being imported and, in some cases, the end use of the product. For detailed information by product, check the database. There may also be minor variations in processes between land, sea and air borders. A standard process requires submission to the Single Electronic Window of: commercial Invoice, insurance Certificate, Bill of Lading (or Bill of Entry or Airway bill), Commitment agreement of banking intermediation for Imports (termo de compromisso from bank) [M 22], Packing List, and depending on the product (see commodity search): Certificate of origin, Sanitary and Phytosanitary Licenses [P 5.1,P 5.2,P 5.3], Special import licenses [e.g. P 6.1, P 6.2, P 6.3], Certified Single Document (for Pre-shipment Inspection [P4] ) and other special requirements. The system will send a notification for payment, which should be settled. Customs officials will carry out verification of documentation (this can occur prior to physical arrival of the goods) and then should all be in order, issue a provisional exit slip, subject to non-intrusive scanning and physical examination of the goods. Following these, the goods are released. For more information on customs procedures see special customs procedures  and the guide to import .


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