GE 2.2 Export of Animals and Products of Animal Origin

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Picture GE 2.2 Export of Animals and Products of Animal Origin

To Export animals and products of animal origin, the Exporter must be registered as a Foreign Trade Operator [P1] and as a user of the Single Electronic Window [P2]. A sanitary certificate [P12.2] must be obtained. It may be necessary to obtain a SADC certificate of Origin [P17] or a non-SADC certificate of origin [P18]. The customs clearance operation starts with packing assistance [M 19]. After that, the customs broker submits electronically via the Single Electronic Window (JUE) the following documents - Commercial Invoice, Insurance Certificate, Bill of Lading (or Bill of Entry or Air waybill), Bordereaux of Transfer, commercial bank, and the sanitary certificate. The system issues a payment advice, and the Exporter pays the fees. Customs officials do a document check. Procedures may vary slightly depending on the mode of transport, i.e. by road [M 16.1], sea [M16.2] or air [M16.3].


The following form/s are used in this procedure

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