GI 2.7 Vehicles

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To import vehicles, the importer must be registered as a Foreign Trade Operator [P1] and as a user of the Electronic Single Window [P2]. You must apply for a police check from the origin country (unless the vehicle is new and was never registered in its origin country) and request Pre-Shipment Inspection [P4]. The customs clearance operation [P9] consists of the broker submitting electronically via the Single Electronic Window (JUE) the following documents - Commercial Invoice, Insurance Certificate, Bill of Lading (or Bill of Entry or Air waybill), Bordereaux of Transfer, commercial bank commitment agreement, pre-shipment inspection document, and police check. The system issues a payment advice, and the importer pays the fees and duties. Customs agents do a document check (which can be done before the goods arrive) and confirm the value, customs position etc. The goods are then physically examined, including non-intrusive inspection. If everything is in order, a verbete is issued by customs that allows the assignment of a license plate.


The following form/s are used in this procedure

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