GI 2.6 Agrochemicals

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To import agricultural chemicals, the importer must be registered as a Foreign Trade Operator [P1] and as a user of the Single Electronic Window [P2]. The importer must also be registered as an importer of agricultural chemicals, and register the brands to be imported [P3.3]. For each import operation an import license must be obtained [6.3]. The customs clearance operation [P9] consists of the broker submitting electronically via the Single Electronic Window (JUE) the following documents - Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Insurance, Bill of Lading (or Bill of Entry or Air waybill), Bordereaux of Transfer, termo de compromisso from the commercial bank, and the import license. The system issues a payment advice, and the importer pays the fees and duties. Customs agents do a document check (which can be done before the goods arrive) and confirm the value, customs position etc. The goods are then physically examined, including non-intrusive inspection and checks by the Ministry of Agriculture officials. If everything is in order, a definitive exit authorization is issued.


The following form/s are used in this procedure

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