P 18 Certificate of Origin - Non-SADC

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Picture P 18 Certificate of Origin - Non-SADC
Summary Certificate of Origin – non-SADC

This applies to goods being exported to other countries where the importer in the destination requires a certificate of origin, whether to benefit from preferential duty rates or other reasons. In order to obtain a certificate of origin (except for SADC), the exporter must submit to the Chamber of Commerce of Mozambique a copy of the exporter license [P1], the commercial invoice, and a letter indicating the destination of the goods and a description of the goods. The Chamber of Commerce will verify the rules of origin  of the destination country and confirm if the goods comply; if they do, the Chamber will issue the certificate. Note – for boer beans being exported to India, the Cereals Institute and not the Chamber of Commerce issues the certificate of origin.


The following form/s are used in this procedure

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