P 11.3 Registration as an Exporter of Agrochemicals

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Picture P 11.3 Registration as an Exporter of Agrochemicals
Summary Registration as an Exporter of Agricultural Chemicals

If a company wishes to register to export agricultural chemicals, they should submit a letter addressed to the National Director of Agriculture and Forestry, requesting registration, along with copies of their operating license (alvará), license as a foreign trade operator [P1], CV and copy of ID of the technician who will handle the products, the company tax number (NUIT), and they should have a suitable warehouse. An audit team comprised of officials from the Ministries of Agriculture, Health and Rural Development will visit the warehouse and if it satisfies the requirements, the company will be registered. For more on specific requirements, see here for Fertilizers and here  for pesticidas.  


The following form/s are used in this procedure

Title Description Category Agency
Agrochemical Registration Form to apply for registration as an exporter of agrochemicals. Export Ministry of Agriculture and Food Safety - Agrochemical Division