P 3.3 – Registration as an Importer of Agricultural Chemicals

Registration as an importer of agricultural chemicals (one off registration at commencement of activities).

This requires registration as an importer before any imports can be carried out. The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security requires that any company wishing to import agricultural chemicals be registered to ensure quality and safety of imports. There is currently no form for this, companies should submit a letter to the National Director of Agriculture and Forestry, requesting registration, including copies of the company business registration (alvará), the registration as an importer/exporter [P1], the CV and copy of ID of the staff member who will handle the products, and the company’s tax number (NUIT). The company must have a suitable warehouse, which will be inspected prior to registration by a joint team of officials from Ministries of Agriculture, Health and Rural Development. The technician responsible for handling the products will also be interviewed by this team. For more on specific requirements, see here for Fertilizers and here  for pesticidas.