GI 2.4 Medication


To import medicines and medical products, the importer must be registered as a Foreign Trade Operator [P1] and as a user of the Single Electronic Window [P2]. The importer must also be registered as an importer of medication, and register the brands to be imported [P3.1]. For each import operation Preshipment Inspection [P4] must be requested and an import license must be obtained [6.1]. The customs clearance operation [P9] consists of the broker submitting electronically via the Single Electronic Window (JUE) the following documents - Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Insurance, Bill of Lading (or Bill of Entry or Air waybill), Bordereaux of Transfer, termo de compromisso from the commercial bank, Pre-shipment Inspection document and the import license. The system issues a payment advice, and the importer pays the fees and duties. Customs agents do a document check (which can be done before the goods arrive) and confirm the value, customs position etc. The goods are then physically examined, including non-intrusive inspection and checks by the Ministry of Health officials. If everything is in order, a definitive exit authorization is issued.