M 22 - Letter of Commitment (termo de compromisso)

Description This measure requires that traders wanting to import or export, must provide a termo de compromisso from their bank, confirming that they are clients, have sufficient funds in their account and are authorised to remove the funds necessary to pay for the import from their account. It also commits the bank to sneding required information on the transaction to the Central Bank
Comments The termo de compromisso should be submitted by the customs broker via the single eectronic window.
Agency Bank of Mozambique
Export/Import Import
UN Code G9 - Finance measures n.e.s.
Measure Type Foreign Exchange Measures
Legal Documents
Name Category
Notice No 2/GBM/2017 of 27 of December Aviso
Name Summary Category

This measure applies to the following commodities.

HS Code Description
01012100 Horses; live, pure-bred breeding animals
01012900 Horses; live, other than pure-bred breeding animals
01013000 Asses; live
01019000 Mules and hinnies; live
01022100 Cattle; live, pure-bred breeding animals
01022910 Of weight below 200 Kg
01022990 Of weight 200 Kg and above
01023100 Buffalo; live, pure-bred breeding animals
01023900 Buffalo; live, other than pure-bred breeding animals
01029000 Bovine animals; live, other than cattle and buffalo
01031000 Swine; live, pure-bred breeding animals
01039100 Swine; live, other than pure-bred breeding animals, weighing less than 50kg
01039200 Swine; live, other than pure-bred breeding animals, weighing 50kg or more
01041010 Sheep; live, pure-breed
01041090 Sheep; live, other than pure-breed